Savings Accounts

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Share Savings

At Fargo Public Schools Federal Credit Union every member is an owner and will need to open a Primary Shares account with a $50.00 minimum balance - this is your "share" of the credit union! Members may use the account as a regular savings account, earn dividends on balances over the minimum and enjoy no monthly services fees!

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Money Market Savings

These are higher dividend earning accounts designed to help you save money while still providing access to cash! Only $500 minimum balance to open with no fees. The higher the balance the higher the dividend! 

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Club Savings

Club savings accounts are designed to help you save money for fun! Choose from Vacation, Holiday, Hunting or all three! They are separate savings accounts that earn higher dividends with no minimum balances. On a set date the funds are automatically transferred to your account with your dividend!  

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Coverdell Education Savings Accounts

Invest in a child's education without paying taxes on investment income. Withdrawals are tax free when used for qualified educational expenses!